The company is active in the field of designing and high-grade production of tools for sheet metal forming (progressive tools, deep drawing of sheet metal, punching and curving tools) for the needs of the automotive, electrical industry, etc…

The final tools are tested on our and the client’s machines, measurement protocols are compiled and the first series of products is manufactured. At the request of the client we also offer punching on eccentric punching machines.

Our competitive advantage lies in the high-quality implementation of the selected project, professional skills by the staff as well as state-of-the-art machinery.


Tool Making and Machine Production

Comprehensive process of designing, development and manufacture of tools for sheet metal forming (progressive tools, deep drawing of sheet metal, punching and curving tools) in particularly for the automotive, electrical, pharmaceutical industry etc.

Each individual tool performs one forming operation in order to result in the final product or semi-finished product for further processing in other forming tools.

The individual tools can be connected to form an assembly featuring consecutive operations to result in the final product or represent individual units.

The use of the board can be performed automatically or manually just like the transfer of the work piece between the tools and during the removal from the tool.

Typical of progressive tools is that all operations are combined in a single enclosure. The sheet metal is fed automatically in equal steps during the technological concept of forming – method and is wound to a coil on the feeder. In each consecutive feeding step a partial operation is performed while all together they result in the final product.

Progressive tools are the most productive tools for sheet metal forming. Each progressive tool is a unique specimen so to say one of its kind. In the common enclosure consisting of an upper and lower part several transformation operations are preformed.

Part of the upper part of the tool is also the pressure panel located in the centre of the tool while its displacement is vertically limited by spacer screws which also define the hub size.

The upper part of the tool consists of the following parts: main guides, cutting nozzles, holding panels, spacers of the pressure panel and pressure panel where the release panels are screwed to along with the work piece drip tray whose mutual distance determines the displacement step of the work piece, bushings of the main guides, gas spring and gas interfaces.

The lower part of the tool consists of the following parts: main guide bushings, lower spacers touching the pressure panel, sensor of the work piece step, guiding rails providing the position of the sheet metal during feeding and guiding the sheet metal, sheet metal lifters, cutting nuts, forming cartridges, slides, conveyor for the discharge of products and waste.

Between the two parts is sheet metal which is wound to a coil and is automatically fed by a certain step defined by the technological procedure of product forming.

For a constant quality of products, the correct geometry, kinematics, correct thermal and surface processing, positioning on the press are required.

Transfer tools are groups of several tools mounted on a single board and provide partial process steps in the process of getting to the final product. The enclosures of tools for partial operations are cast, while the control of the tools is provided for each individual tool separately. Transfer tools have the feeding of the transfer board performed by robotic grips (transfers) but can also be performed manually.


Following the client’s design and construction the components for all machines are manufactured.

  • CNC-die casting machines up to a size of 760x500x500
  • Immersion erosion of work pieces up to a size of 300x250x250
  • Wire erosion of work pieces up to a size of 500x300x206
  • Services of using punching machines from Ø 0,5 to 3,0 mm

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